Keizer Jelle

‘Keizer’ stands for emperor in Dutch and besides being his last name, it’s also a perfect way of describing his mission: creating an empire.
Going back to the roots is the motto, back to where all inspiration came from. Born as Jelle Keizer he has over a decade of artist-life in his pocket, so it was about time to blend all experience into his vision of perfection. Classic house with energy driven fat basslines, some added hiphop flavors, nineties piano riffs, completed by pumping 909 beats and rave stabs. A modern take on the history of dance music. Starting the new project in 2018, in just one year his sound is already welcomed by labels like Flashmob, Solotoko, WittyTunes, Box Of Cats, Heldeep and more.
Behind the decks Keizer Jelle aims to teach, please and bring crowds a well balanced mix of unexplored sounds and familiar classics within the boundaries of house, tech-house and ghetto house. “It’s all about the story, I analyse all tracks from beginning to end, and use them as tools for the complete experience.” he says, which can be easily recognized. Different types of tracks are often used to switch up moods and are used to create breakdowns, or build tension and energy. This type of story telling in a DJ set gave him a personal trademark and a growing fanbase within the scene. Launching his own record label ‘Imitation Records’ only emphasizes this even more.
It’s all in these details that makes Keizer Jelle stand out of the rest. His first ever show he played at age 16, and under various names and projects he’s done over a 1000 show since, visiting over 36 countries and playing the worlds top events. All this experience is part of this new journey, a great start of building his empire.