A woman at the top of her game is the unique Romanian female artist Nusha, who is involved into the techno scene since 2007. She has experimented and refined her musical taste throughout the years. She has shared stages across the world with several well-known techno legends and played some of the greatest techno festivals. She is experienced by experience and developed her own signature sound which never seems to fail!

Her sets are powerful presenting a creative selection of techno gems, where standing still is not an option. When you enter the dancefloor, be ready for solidarity and positive vibes which is shared between the ravers.

On the production front she is just as passionate! Nusha has a very distinct taste and opinion when it comes on approaching her own music. The track ‘Equality’ (Autektone) is a perfect example where you can hear her love for minimalistic beats combined with hard kicks and topped off with hypnotic melodies. Autektone and Orange Records are the perfect match and she is releasing regularly on these quality labels.

Nusha is moving towards the next chapter in her dynamic career, creating chaos on the dancefloors around the globe. Be ready to get a taste of Nusha’s chaos!