More and more the world of dance music is changing every year; it is complemented by new names, new characters, new styles and trends. In this impetuous flow it is very important for an artist not to lose the guiding line that once was a start of a wonderful DJ’s and sound producer’s life. Precisely this distinguishes Spartaque among many names, and his name has been a matter of respect and admiration for hundreds and thousands of clubbers and other artists for many years.It does not matter which city, which time zone, who are the people around him and what language they speak, what time of a day, has Vitalii slept before or has been awake waiting for his flight, he will come to the DJ place and perform his set as if it is the best party of his life. Exactly for this quality, for this shine in his eyes and for this true energy lovers of club music are waiting for his performances. Perhaps that is why Vitalii has one of the most busy tour schedules of all DJs of the CIS. And certainly this is the reason for full dance floors on his parties. During Spartaque’s career his name has been overgrown with interesting stories and legends, retelling which would have taken several chapters or even an entire book. However the essence remains the same – it’s hard to imagine the club culture of CIS countries and the world techno without this performer.So ambitiously started his way with a performance in front of 30 thousandth audience in the central square of his native town Kharkiv in 2005, Spartaque goes forward, following his main principles – to increase the speed constantly, not to be afraid of daring ideas, to set unachievable goals and to reach them without noticing the obstacles. And of course be incredibly grateful to those who appreciate his creative work and support his undertakings, as without this support nothing would exist.