Franc Fala

You’re about to enter my thoughts.
Be advised, once read, maybe difficult to forget.
I’ve been looking for something bigger than myself for as long as I can remember. To transcend the daily. To enlighten the things worth remembering. I come from a quiet town, but got seduced by the allure of Amsterdam. Ever inspiring, the city has swallowed me whole, in the best way possible. As I live in one of the oldest clubs of Amsterdam, once territory of the Stones and the Who, inspiration is literally at my doorstep.

I feel blessed by the purpose music has given me. Although shimmering, it has always been a distant light worth following. How simple vibrations in the air, can raise the most primal of feelings. How the right song, when played at the right moment can make every step you ever took worth taking, as it has lead you to the very moment everything seems to fall into place. This is the closest we’re ever gonna get to magic in this world. So by embracing it, I hope to share these melancholy moments of pain and joy with you. Because in these rare moments, we’re truly as alive as we can be and living as we should.

Franc Fala